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First-Rate Fiber Solutions for Your Concrete Applications

About DE Fiberworks

DE Fiberworks, LLC was founded to provide the best fiber reinforced concrete solution that creates long-lasting durable concrete for your next project. To meet this goal, DE Fiberworks works closely with our partners in the concrete industry to ensure we will meet or exceed your expectations. DE Fiberworks serve clients in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Western Illinois.

DE Fiberworks has over 25 years of experience in the concrete industry and understands the challenges associated with concrete construction. We are professionals that are dedicated to providing quality products and superior customer service that others are unable or unwilling to provide.

We are dedicated to our Ready Mixed Concrete Customers who deliver the best fiber reinforced concrete solutions available in today’s market. The partnership between DE Fiberworks and our Ready Mixed Concrete Customers is the key to our success as we offer the best fiber solution for your concrete application every time.

DE Fiberworks is an independent fiber representative for industry-leading fiber manufacturers.

DE Fiberworks has developed partnerships with innovative fiber manufacturers that have the most technologically advanced concrete reinforcing products available. Together, we offer experienced technical support to provide alternative solutions to traditional welded wire fabric (WWF) and rebar reinforcement for many concrete applications. All of our products meet ASTM compliance guidelines.

DE Fiberworks offers a complete line of fiber reinforcement solutions that include:

  • Microsynthetic Fibers
  • Macrosynthetic Fibers
  • Blended Fibers
  • Steel Fibers
  • Specialty Fibers

At DE Fiberworks, our partnership extends to General Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Contracting Authorities, and Owners. We work closely with these groups to provide education and knowledge transfer about the benefits, advantages, and features of fiber reinforced concrete. We offer many services including fiber-reinforced value-engineering proposals, mix designs, slab designs, attend pre-construction meetings, and AIA approved lunch and learn programs.