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Macro Synthetic

Forta Ferro

FORTA-FERRO® is an easy to finish, color blended fiber, ...

HPS 650

HPS-650 fibers are High-Performance Synthetic Macro Fibers ...

HPS 900 PC

HPS-900 PC is a High-Performance Synthetic Macro fiber that ...

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Did You Know?

Fiber reinforcement makes good concrete better?


Fiber reinforcement makes good concrete better, in short because fiber reduces cracking and adds long-term durability to a wide variety of concrete applications.  Fiber reinforcement provides an alternative construction method to traditional welded wire fabric and rebar reinforcement and provides additional benefits, including guaranteed 3-dimensional reinforcement, safer installation and more economical.  DE Fiberworks supply a full range of fiber reinforcement products to meet challenging demands and provide the best fiber reinforcement solution for the specific application.   Fiber technology has advanced over the last decade to improve mixing, finishing and performance in fresh and hardened concrete.